strange life (queerlife) wrote in genderoutlaws,
strange life


I am supposed to go to cosmotology school.
Im scared I might get fired for something I didn't do.
I think if I get fired, I am going to lose my apartment
so the idea of living on the street of a gay carea sounds appealing
I can try and reinvent myself
Maybe I can buy a ticket to the castro
or greenwhich village
of san fransisco.
I want to be in a safe haven for gays.
I'm sick of living in suburban straight areas.
I'd have to leave all my things.
I'd be okay with that. They're just things.
I really want to see stonewall
and write queer anarchist articles
and attend radical fairie gatherings.
does that sound stupid?
my radical faerie name would be "Willow Wailer"
I want to wear daisy chains.
and talk about a queer revolution.
revitalize the STAGNENT movement.
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