Death-Cholo Luigi (seifaiden) wrote in genderoutlaws,
Death-Cholo Luigi

Epicene pronoun survey


Hello! I am conducting a short non-scholarly study on epicene (gender-neutral) pronoun usage. I will be using these results to help me develop and publish a pamphlet on epicene pronouns for my university's GLBTQQIA resource center geared towards members of the queer community who are not familiar with them. Once produced, it will be available to others who are interested upon request.

All information is anonymously provided; you will not be asked for any information that could identify you.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at abarre at emich dot edu. Thank you again for your participation!

Additionally, if you're a member of any related communities/forums/etc where you think this would be relevant, please feel free to repost! Thank you!

Survey for epicene pronoun users

I apologize if you see this a few times, I'm posting to related communities that I am a member of.
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