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I mod this community. I acquired this mod-ship somewhat by accident. Overall I've taken a pretty "whatever" approach to the community, since it was never "my" community in the first place.

I do try to take a hard line on people calling each other names and otherwise acting nasty.

I don't have time to sift through all of the comments in the previous post, so if you've been banned or a thread has been frozen that you don't think should have been, OR if you think someone HASN'T been banned or hasn't been frozen that should have been, you can send me a private message about it, but don't expect me to act on it within, say, a week or so. Sorry!

I also would appreciate it if people did not bring out-of-community beef into this community, simply because I emphatically do not have the time to investigate the origins of your beef to figure out who actually started it.

Happy holidays! Try to calm down, friends.

Edit: In case anyone's worried, here are my screening/banning policies from here on:

- Any FUTURE comments on the previous post: while I may not be constantly checking the post, any comment that is flagged to my attention through private message will be checked. Anything that goes into the realm of insulting will be deleted.

- I don't care about the drama that you've gotten into with each other in other communities. I don't want it here. Don't bring it here. Don't continue to rehash it in comments. Don't begin to rehash it in comments on future posts. If someone comments to a post and you have a problem with that person as a result of their conduct off-list, don't bring it up. I will not tolerate this.

- in the future, please flag abusive comments to my attention. I do not closely monitor this community because I just don't check livejournal that often. This is not the same as apathy.

- please do NOT flag to my attention any irritating or offensive conduct that any user has engaged in off-list. Unless a user is actively stalking and threatening you, I honestly don't have time to investigate. Unless it is clear to me FROM CONDUCT IN THIS COMMUNITY that you are behaving appropriately and/or that someone else is behaving inappropriately, it will not influence a moderator decision.

Please respect my time.

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