Devin (devin_boi) wrote in genderoutlaws,

Trans Haunt... Unleash the Trans (Vancouver BC)


T-Bodies Presents: Trans Haunt... Unleash the Trans
Thursday, October 30

9:00pm - 3:00am.

T-Bodies Productions presents Trans Haunt, bringing together trans folk and allies for a night of performance, dance and debauchery in a positive space. This is the official launch party for "Manamorphosis", the 2009 transman calendar.

Bringing to the stage Va Va Vunderbust, Base, Amber Dawn and others, with Revoked, DJ T, and Johnny Vancouver spinning for your dancing pleasure.

Expect door prizes, $3 HIGHBALLS and other awesome stuff....

We own the night, don't miss it!

Price: $5
Venue: Lick
Address: 455 Abbott St (Vancouver BC)
Contact: t_bodies [at]

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